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About Technergetics

Dynamic Ingenuity, Delivered.

Our Mission:

To empower the modern warfighter by envisioning, creating, and delivering state of the art capabilities.


Technergetics is a unique one-stop collaborative small business team that is research and operations-focused.   Our team specializes in R&D, applied research, experimental development, and holistic in-house cradle-to-grave software and hardware development. Technergetics proudly employs several veterans with decades of military experience in strategic/tactical functional level logistic and intel jobs covering a comprehensive range of DoD mission sets. Our veteran SMEs are vital to our software projects’ successes by facilitating meaningful cross-functional teams and end-user engagements, attacking established military norms/existing constraints, and empathetically understanding and relating to specific usability needs and wants.

We lead our customers from basic tactical level ideas to fully operational solutions. We navigate your team to circumvent the innovation “valley of death” where ideas end, leaving beneficial technology languishing in desk drawers or stuck in never-ending research cycles.

Our software portfolio has multiple products on DoD-approved platforms and software factories, servicing military and other customers in Impact Level 2 (IL2) (Public Domain), IL4 (Controlled Unclassified Information-CUI), IL6 (Mission Operations) and higher environments. 


Our Core Values
We believe in...




Always Challenging


Continuous Communication


Expanding the
Art of the Possible

Our Leadership

Robert Harrod


Aaron Postiglione

Human Resources Director

Andrew "Doc" Docherty

DML Portfolio Director

Kevin Brown

Partnerships Director

Dennis Bowen

AIML Portfolio Director

Alisa Ferrara

Creative Director

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