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Technergetics prides itself on its formidable innovation capabilities, cultivated through research and development in quantum networking, hybrid quantum systems, and other quantum technologies for the DoD and other Federal agencies.  Our focus innovation in these areas will allow our customers to produce robust quantum networks and deploy highly secure communication systems while implementing cutting-edge research gains in quantum information processing and computation. 

Quantum Horizon

Technergetics is work on Quantum Horizon, an ongoing AFRL RDT&E effort to develop technologies for an interconnected quantum infrastructure to enable quantum networking and distributed quantum computing. Qubit technologies, which comprise the foundation of quantum computers and networks, exist in different technology spaces, including superconducting circuits, trapped ions, and integrated photonics. These technologies require extreme environmental control and operate in various frequency ranges, requiring novel solutions to build an interconnected and robust quantum network. Our team designed and tested novel qubits, leveraging mature and emerging integrated photonics to optimize control and readouts. They have also developed quantum transducers to interface these technologies and other telecommunication infrastructure. Our team developed and characterized quantum algorithms and protocols that can be implemented across quantum networks.

Quantum Understanding of Baseline Information Technology Security (QUBITS)

Technergetics was the prime contractor supporting the AFRL Quantum Lab on the Quantum Understanding of Baseline Information Technology Security (QUBITS) Contract. Technergetics set out to perform research and development in Quantum Algorithms, Networking and Communication, and Memory-node-based processing. Over time, adjusting to AFRL requirements, this team pivoted away from algorithm development while engaging in Quantum Information processing, Superconducting Hybrid Quantum, and enabling technology development and employment client sites with AFRL researchers to develop new capabilities in this area.

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