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with Mobile Software Platforms

Technergetics enables situational awareness with comprehensive software and devices adept at managing and tracking a variety of assets across diverse missions. Offering a spectrum of options, these platforms ensure seamless integration with many operational setups, from tactical downrange to last-mile logistics. Leveraging advanced algorithms, our technology enables invaluable insights for proactive decision-making. With real-time alerts and notifications, teams can respond swiftly to emerging situations, bolstering operational efficiency and safety.


Long Range (LoRa) Asset and Personnel Tracking   Web + Mobile Application, Hardware

LogTrax is a low-cost, no subscription, US-engineered/manufactured digital tracking software and hardware platform running off AFRL/RIS managed (LASSI) tracking network. LogTrax can integrate into the TAK ecosystem.


TAK ML Data Collection & Unified Endpoint Management   TAK Integration

TAK integration that turns every edge TAK asset into a real-time, ML-enabled data collection sensor asset and create the ability to manage ML models across TAK devices, the TAK cloud, and throughout the TAK community.


TAK Range Finder    TAK Plugin

Range Finder is an ATAK plugin that detects, with reasonable accuracy, a person’s distance from the camera sensor to estimate their geolocation.


Environmental Monitoring w/ Intelligent Alerts   Web + Mobile Application, Hardware

DPC creates elevated awareness using AI-enabled intelligent alerts using multi-stage IoT software sensing platform and a multi-input/multi-sensor event sharing network.

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