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Crafting Progress with 
The Art of the Possible. 

Technergetics invests internal R&D funds into prototype solutions to meet unique market needs. These prototypes are primed for the next phase of advancement on the path to production. We welcome interested parties, stakeholders, and support of these efforts. 


A multi-criteria Decision Analysis for Deployers

NOMAD is a state of the art, model-driven, application concept that would expedite unit evaluation and tasking actions for deploying personnel.


Survival Edge Logistics Production

Slingshot is a concept for an integrated software and hardware platform to support survivable edge logistics with configurable digital production guides and an automated 3D printing production pipeline.


Configurable Multi-capable Task Library

MENTOR is a configurable training instruction library concept where operational dynamic workflows and task guides can be downloaded locally on the mobile app and used to guide maturing Multi-Capable Airmen (MCA).


Smart ISU and Pallet Pack-out

StakIQ is a mobile app concept that recommends optimized cargo pack-out operations within available ISU-90 and 463L pallet space.


Calibration Characterization and Control Process Optimization Software (C3POS)

Technergetics was the prime contractor supporting the Department of Energy Science and Technology to Facilitate the Use of Near-Term Quantum Computing Hardware. Technergetics and subcontractor ColdQuanta are contracted to develop a “Turn-Key” prototype using ColdQuanta hardware, explicitly programmed to interoperate with Technergetics open-source software to control quantum physics environments effectively and efficiently. The promise of the capability could revolutionize quantum experimentation, which is currently plagued by lengthy setups, non-standard configurations based on home-grown scripts, and unreliable results. Over time, this capability will enable commercial use, significantly furthering additional meaningful quantum evolution. 

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