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Our Products 

We are committed to the development, implementation, and improvement of methods, processes, and technologies by fostering creativity, research, and development efforts to bring about positive changes and advancements for our customers and beyond.

Digital Mobility and Logistics Platforms

Military deployment ops are complex but vital to rapid mobility across the globe. There are 100s of current military processes with limited automation resulting in floods of paperwork, manual logs, and excessive voice communication. Our digital mobility and logistics capabilities provide process visualizations, data discovery, and identify process breakdowns, all with real-time tracking.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Platforms

AI-Based pairing enables human-machine collaboration greatly increasing accuracy and efficiency in mission critical missions. Techngs AI capability helps our clients refine and automate processes making them more productive, efficient, and in some cases, AI can reduce workloads up to 98%.

Situational Awareness  Platforms and Devices

Offering a spectrum of options, these platforms ensure seamless integration with many operational setups, from tactical downrange to last-mile logistics. Leveraging advanced algorithms, our technology enables invaluable insights for proactive decision-making.

Bringing adaptive planning, evolutionary development, continuous integration, and innovation to the end-user.
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